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How generative AI can reduce marketing analysis from 40 days to 1 day

For small and medium-sized business marketers

AI marketing consulting to maximize marketing ROI with AI

Do you have any of these challenges?

1 / There is no one who can do marketing or data analysis
2/ Marketing work is highly personalized
3/ The person in charge is too busy to find time for training

Why choose our service?

Specializing in digital marketing

Marketing using generative AI

We provide strategies to make your marketing business successful and help you increase sales and customer satisfaction.

We utilize the latest technology to realize one-to-one marketing and maximize marketing ROI.

For those in the childcare industry

Support for creating systems that are not dependent on individuals

We use tools such as MA, CRM, and generative AI to help you build a system that allows anyone to carry out high-quality work through standardization and automation.

OJT with practical staff

We will teach you how to use tools such as generative AI through actual work and support you in putting them to practical use.

For those in the childcare industry



AGO MARKETING specializes in digital marketing and supports business efficiency and sales maximization through marketing strategy support using generative AI. We aim to revitalize Japan by improving customer satisfaction.


Jun Ago

AI Marketing Consultant

Representative of AGO MARKETING

Born in Tokyo in 1979, currently living in Chiba

Graduated from University of Nebraska Lincoln

I joined Unilever because I was interested in marketing, but I was so busy with multitasking such as supply and demand forecasting, legal checks, data analysis, and POP creation that he had no time to think about strategies and ideas, and I ended up burnt out. I then joined QVC, where I was attracted by the appeal of big data, and succeeded in reviving 2,000 dormant customers through parliamentary learning-based churn prediction analysis. However, I felt pain from the daily routine of creating emails. Believing that I could make marketing work more efficient, I introduced MA, automated the labor hours of three designers, and generated 1.77 billion yen in annual sales through recommendations. After that, I moved to Walt Disney, where I was stressed out because of the increased late-night overtime work due to the inefficiency of manual data analysis. As a PM supporting the introduction of generative AI, I implemented the efficiency of data analysis and automatic proposals for measures at major retailers and real estate companies, and successfully utilized them in marketing.

Main Achievements

  • By implementing marketing automation, annual sales increased by 177 million yen through recommendation emails. In addition, the automation of email creation reduced the man-hours of three designers.

  • Preventing churn by 2,000 people per year by introducing machine learning to predict churn

  • Selected as a Design Thinking Catalyst and engaged in three new business projects per year

  • Proven track record of implementing AI generation in major retail and real estate companies

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